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Thanks for showing interest in recycled polyester!

Dr. Denim measures the environmental impact of products based on scientific data found on the Higg™ platform.

Dr. Denim flags a product as sustainable if it contains at least 20% recycled cotton and provided we have checked the transaction certificate for the fabric used to manufacture the product. If the product is labeled with the recycled cotton logo either digitally or on the paper label, it means it qualifies according to these criteria. 

Based on the five impact areas measured according to the Higg™ materials sustainability index:

Global Warming


Water Scarcity

Resource depletion/Fossil Fuels


Recycled cotton scores better than conventional cotton in all five impact areas because it reduces the need for production of fresh / new cotton. Dr. Denim’s recycled cotton usually comes in the post-consumer waste form, but post-industrial waste also occurs. Please note that the data provided in the database is based on global averages. 

Did you know that the fiber length of recycled cotton is shorter than fresh cotton? The shorter the fiber, the lower the strength of the fabric. To maintain the long life aspect of the product, we generally keep the recycled cotton content between 20-40%. According to our conclusions, this results in the most sustainable life-cycle impact.


Other specific sustainability attributes that might be of interest are:

organic cotton low impact material less chemicalsless waterinnovationrecycled cotton

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