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Dr. Denim measures the environmental impact of products based on scientific data found on the Higg™ platform.

Dr. Denim flags a denim product as sustainable provided it was washed with Jeanologia® technology or that it can be verified that the consumption of water per piece was maximum 8 liters, or that the product level water scarcity value of the product in terms of water scarcity below scores a maximum of half that of conventional cotton, or if the cotton has been sourced according to the Cotton made in Africa™ standard. If the product is labeled with the less water logo either digitally or on the paper label, it qualifies according to these criteria. 

Based on the five impact areas measured according to the Higg™ materials sustainability index:

Global Warming


Water Scarcity

Resource depletion/Fossil Fuels


One should be aware that water affects the environment both in terms of consumption and discharge, where the latter refers to polluted discharge. Thus, a high consumption into a factory with a near-circular flow may be more sustainable than a low consumption factory with a high proportional discharge. We try to make choices that lead to lower discharge, such as choosing denims with 3-dip indigo instead of e.g. 6 dips when we develop light washes, as this reduces water consumption and discharge in dyeing as well as reduces consumption and discharge in the laundry.

Other specific sustainability attributes that might be of interest are:

organic cotton low impact material less chemicalsless waterinnovationrecycled cotton

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