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Dr. Denim measures the environmental impact of products based on scientific data found on the Higg™ platform.

However, brand new technology cannot be verified in a database that is based on real world data submission. If it could, it wouldn’t be new. This product features innovative technology that we have not been able to verify in the Higg™ database but that we have decided to support nonetheless. 

At Dr. Denim we are open to new ideas, even crazy ideas. We know that the solution to sustainable textile production lies in new technology and innovation. What we don’t know specifically is what, how or when. Similarly to how an electric car company based in Texas helps accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, we want to help the textile manufacturing industry accelerate its transition into sustainable production, and the way to do that is to support and use new technology.


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Other specific sustainability attributes that might be of interest are:

organic cotton low impact material less chemicalsless waterinnovationrecycled cotton

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