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Dr. Denim measures the environmental impact of products based on scientific data found on the Higg™ platform. We refer to materials which by their natural properties or production processes score signifcantly better than conventional cotton as ’low impact materials’.

Specifically, Dr. Denim flags a product as sustainable if it contains at least 30% generic lyocell, modal or viscose, or 20% branded lyocell, such as Tencel™ or viscose (including EcoVero™) or modal supplied by Lenzing AG. Compared to conventional cotton, these materials score significanly better on average across the five impact areas below:

Global Warming


Water Scarcity

Resource depletion/Fossil Fuels


 If you are uncertain as to whether your garment contains e.g. lyocell or Tencel™, please reach out to us. By EU regulation 1007/2011, the generic name is regardless required on the care label, so don’t get confused if it reads ”lyocell” in the composition field. 

Other specific sustainability attributes that might be of interest are:

organic cotton low impact material less chemicalsless waterinnovationrecycled cotton

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